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Meant to mention this on Friday but C4 have been using some new "idents" for a few random shows over the last week of so, and they've obviously had such an impact that they've not registered here.

They're nothing original - the #Voicesof4 are basically viewers introducing shows as part of a diversity initiative, and there is usually a tedious link to the number 4 - Year 4, the number 4 bus etc.
More info here:

Channel 4 is today (14 November) launching a new diversity initiative, Voices of 4, which will see the broadcaster invite people from all backgrounds across the UK who have a connection to the number four to appear on screen and introduce peak shows.

The broadcaster’s creative agency 4creative has recruited 17 people from across the UK to introduce prime time shows in 130 slots, starting from today and airing till 11 December. Included in the lineup is a blind footballer who wears the number 4 shirt, or a Year 4 class at the world’s only Manx Gaelic speaking school, driver of the number 4 bus in Edinburgh and a drag queen who performs at no. 4 Canal Street in Manchester.

I've seen them for Gogglebox and The Last Leg and it looks like Sunday Brunch has one too. I'm guessing if they're running till the 11th December then the far superior Christmas set might return from that date - and then hopefully something new and more permanent in the New Year.

P.S. Talking of diversity good to note that C4 are using 4Seven tomorrow for a signed simulcast of Breaking the Silence: Live - a special show in which they hope a group of deaf people will hear for the first time.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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A round up of the campaign:

And a collection of idents:

It's something different I guess.

I think the idea of concealing what Channel you are watching has gone out the window. They can't get enough of telling you the number 4.

If you look closely one of the clips has the original Channel 4 colour logo on the wheelchair screen.
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Having not seen these on screen (BT TV recordings tend to cut in after the announcement) I think I prefer them to the standard idents. It adds personality again to the channel without being too arty (IMO) and reminds me of some of the bumpers used in the circle era in the 90's.
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Are there only being used in peak times? or anytimes?

Only in primetime it seems. After 8pm as far as I can tell.

Cheers, there seem to be progrmmes specific, so there must have been planning this well in advance to know who going to get what. That would also mean that ident will reappear every 5 days, Give or take. It also means every time an ident appears it will be unique.
Is the next post dreaded?
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Is that strange bug ident still being used.... never seen it in ages. I starting to get the feeling current idents are not great and ch4 are testing the water with new ideas..


I'm not entirely sure but I think (maybe on here) I've heard about them wanting to refresh the idents every year? I personally would love to see refreshed idents every season, like some european channels do and Channel 4 would do something good and quirky with it.