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... as widely speculated

Virgin Media's UKTV stake up for sale

Cable company puts price tag of about £350m on 50% stake in broadcaster, with BBC Worldwide having first refusal. Virgin Media has put its 50% stake in UKTV, owner of channels including Dave and Gold, up for sale with a price tag of about £350m.

The cable company, whose chief executive Neil Berkett admitted to MediaGuardian.co.uk two weeks ago that a UKTV sale was being lined up, has moved one step closer by reportedly appointing UBS and Goldman Sachs to find a new owner.


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While I would like to see Channel 4 take up the stake, I'd be surprised if they've got the funds available. If BBC Worldwide bought up Virgin's share, would that mean they were the sole shareholder, and would that be permitted under the BBC's charter?

They could sell it again or sell a percentage again. Not sure that would happen. It would obviously be best for Channel 4 to have the other half but would they be able to that is the question.