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Inspector Sands12,651 posts since 25 Aug 2004
I think that they'll probably perhaps merge one of the Sky1, Sky1+1, or Sky1+2 Channels into Bravo and Living, and just pop them up the EPG above Gold and Watch. You think that the channel content that Sky and VMTV have together, Cougar Town, Greys Anatomy, Simpsons, 24, Lost, that is a winning combination. So here's how it'll go.

Bravo + Sky 3, to form Sky Bravo, or Bravo (small sky logo underneath, increasingly getting bigger till it becomes Sky Bravo)

Living + Sky 2 + Sky Real Life to form Sky Living.

Virgin 1 and Sky 1 to form Sky One or, Virgin 1, part of the Sky Network Laughing

Sounds very unlikely
Living and Real Life are just too different to be a natural fit and Living is too good a brand to throw away
Bravo isn't as good a brand and Sky 3 is on Freeview. I'd say it's more likely they'd develop Bravo
Virgin1 is the only channel that's been mentioned as closing... and it has little that could transfer to Sky1.

They wouldn't be buying the channels just to see them disappear into the likes of RealLives or Sky3
Dave689 posts since 30 Aug 2001
BBC World
Not sure what to make of this.

In the short term is seems to open a lot of doors for Virgin (access to HD, red button and VOD content) but on the other hand it takes away a bargining tool.

It also does not say Virgin and Sky have a agreement to carry for the HD etc but just they have access to them if they want them.

In the long term not too sure, we will all soon forget that they were VMTV channels and will move on but the impact could be felt If Sky and Virgin have a spat again and VM customers are left with BBC, ITV and UKTV channels!
Assuming the Guardian article is correct, Sky seems to have got a much better deal that Virgin here.

For an incremental wholesale fee, Virgin Media will also for the first time have the option of carrying any of Sky's basic HD channels, Sky Sports HD 1 and Sky Sports HD 2, and all Sky Movies HD channels.

So, Sky can still bargain with Sky Sports HD 3 and 4 then?

Virgin Media will also have access to Sky Sports' red button interactive coverage and be able to deliver some Sky programming over the internet.

The red button stuff is ten years too late. Sky have really curtailed their red button apps in recent years.
davidmcg883 posts since 3 Jan 2006

Seems to sugest a new name for Virgin 1 rather than shutting it though.

They could position it as a challenger to Dave... combining V1, Sky and Bravo's programming.