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Granada North West Today
The bin. Out of all the Virgin channels acquired I'd have thought keeping Bravo would have made more sense as out of both the Virgin and basic Sky channels, it's the only one male skewed.

You can say that, but have you seen what Bravo was showing? I hadn't watched the channel for years, the vast majority of it being garbage, to be fair I think Sky are well rid of it, it's just a shame to lose an iconic brand that goes back to the old days of Satellite TV.

Didn't realise they've also pulled Challenge Jackpot today aswell, again no huge loss.

On Virgin Media they've got captions up saying the channel has ceased broadcasting on both Sky and VM with the decision blamed on 'the channel provider'......
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BBC World
While it is a shame to see a brand disappear after 25 years but is it not the result far too many channels for a country with a population of our size?

Sky have the following channels. (Hidden so as not to take up the whole page!)
Sky 1
Sky 2
Sky 3
Sky Travel
Sky Arts1
Sky Arts2
Sky Sports 1
Sky Sports 2
Sky Sports 3
Sky Sports 4
Sky Sports News
Sky Movies Action & Thriller
Sky Movies Classics
Sky Movies Comedy
Sky Movies Drama
Sky Movies Family
Sky Movies Indie
Sky Movies Modern Greats
Sky Movies Premiere
Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror
Sky Movies Screen 1
Sky Movies Screen 2
Living 1
Living 2
Living Loves

Sky Atlantic

Add to that channels from UKTV, ITV, Channel 5, Discovery, Viacom, BBC and others and something has to give.

I don't understand how some all these channels manage to make a profit.
It is surprising how quickly bravo.co.uk closed down. I'd have thought Sky would at least redirect it to sky.com