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BSkyB rebrands Virgin1 as Channel One

Satellite broadcaster to relaunch former Virgin Media Television service on 3 September backed by marketing push

Channel One: available on Freeview, Virgin Media and Sky

BSkyB is rebranding Virgin1, the general entertainment channel it acquired as part of a £160m deal to buy Virgin Media Television, as Channel One.

Channel One, which is available on Freeview, Virgin Media and Sky as a free-to-air service, will relaunch on Friday 3 September backed by a bolstered schedule and a marketing campaign.


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Not keen on that logo. Also where did they get the name from?
This news will cause a lot of confusion.
Because if anybody talks about turning on their TV and watching Channel 1 then everybody in the UK assumes that it's BBC 1 that's being talked about.
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Sky are attempting to keep the Virgin1 brand, just drop the Virgin name, the only reason they are having to rebrand the channel is because they don't want to become a lisencee of the Virgin brand.
My concern is that channel one is no longer going to be a flagship channel, meaning I can see them neglecting the channel after a while, I have a feeling Sky are going to start pushing sky3 a bit more over the coming months as there terrestrial presence.
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I guess they don't want to use the Sky brand for a Freeview channel.

I doubt that there have sky 3 and news on freeview

If customers start to assosiate a pay TV brand as being available for free via another outlet they may go elsewhere.

Why do you think others broadcasters have a different brand for their free channels

- Discovery use a none discovery brand for their factual free channel - Quest
- MTV use a none MTV brand for their music free channel - VIVA
- Sky use a none Sky brand for their entertainment channel - Channel One
- Sky's Picnic proposals also did not refer to the Sky brand