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The Vicar Of Dibley Due For Comeback

Daily Mail Reports Special Xmas/Comic Relief Shows (August 2004)

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Plus on the best sitcom when they interviewed the characters, they had all aged. Pity they won't be able to use Liz Smith, she is great (especially in the Royle Family).
Weather Man
What would be the storyline? I say it would be David and the Viicar will get together at last! I checked on the BBC Entertainment Website but there is no mention of it!
While I agree Richard Curtis has made a huge contribution to modern entertainment I do feel some of it is over rated. While Blackadder is without doubt a fantastic addition to the world of sitcom The Vicar Of Dibbley isn't quite in the same grade. This also comes from the same man who gave us the awful awful Love Actually and also gave Hugh Grant his career (unforgivable!)

No doubt like many Sit-com returns it will be and over hyped flop. Red Dwarf VII was nowhere near the standards of it's earlier years but Red Dwarf at its worst is still far far superior to many sitcoms currently on television.
I notice VoB is on tonight on BBC1. This one was shown first exactly 10 years ago. Can't believe it was that long ago !!!

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