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Jason0 post since 13 Dec 2011
I haven't seen that Sad

You should get your other annos to appear more often. Oh, and why does Julian have a different backdrop to the other announcers?

UTV should buy up a couple of small stations from the bigger ones. I've often dreamt of winning tens of millions on the lottery and buying up TTTV just so I could impose in-vision continuity back on the station Very Happy
The Crowdman
Does it make sense tho for UTV to take Carlton London as their backup? Wouldn't it be better to take a standby feed from the next nearest region? Case in point: Channel TV taking feeds from Meridian (next nearest) and Grampian (furthest away!) waiting for their uplink...
Dunno why Julian has a different backdrop to the rest. Haven't noticed.

The continuity room is soooo tiny. It shares the room with the short news bulletin desk, there is just one camera and the presenter controls the autocue with a footpedal !!

UTV is a small operation, but we all work very hard. And I think we are the only ITV franchise to run an independant ISP as well.
Jason0 post since 13 Dec 2011
Cool Smile

At least UTV's continuity room has an autocue. I used to have a relative working for Tyne Tees, and when their announcers read the news it was done from sheets of paper, and they had to control several continuity functions whilst talking live on air. It was so underfunded as well, announcers were expected to create the graphics for the station (coming next slides, programme menus etc) and work out their own scripts just from looking at the TV Times! They even used their old 80's mechanical on-screen clock as a timepiece on one of the bank of monitors immediately in front of the IV announcer, and an old telephone from the 70's, as late on as 1996.

I don't think UTV could be considered lazy. Your regional programming is very strong IMHO, in particular the Insight programme which seems to be made to a higher standard than ITV's national current affairs series!!
Well, when I checked (just after 3pm) 103 in Northern Ireland is broadcasting UTV again Very Happy
Yep, somebody probably tripped over the cable in the control room Smile and now they've plugged it back in.Razz:

All regions have to select a back-up region for DSAT if their own feed fails to get to William Road. UTV's is Carlton London as it doesn't have another close by region to replace it. Smile