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Just getting prepared...! Apologies for the crudeness of the Paint mockup...


Thats just dire. Stv already in the 21st bu that would take it back
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That better, but i believe itv could get away with the current logo. Nice to see local programme promos still appearing inbetween itvbe promos.
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This feels very like the Scottish and Grampian blue box era (same logo with a basic name change) and at some point everything will come from London under the ITV banner, possibly the next time they change the idents. The inbetween phase makes sense though - gives Northern Ireland the recognition of being a national region requiring a bit more consideration, and also means there wasn't a reason for Julian and co to do a grand farewell last night (how do you phrase it? They're still on the station). Instead, they'll probably quietly retire/be retired in the next few years.

By the sound of things UTV wasn't really producing much of note beyond the news, which will be retained. So while it's a sad end of an era it's hard to imagine viewers spotting much of a change. Hopefully ITV will show Northern Ireland a similar level of respect to what they appear to show Wales in terms of retaining some local programming.
Hah! News is *exactly* the same, still in standard definition and with a near-enough identical virtual set.

ITV must have spent so much on this new look... a quick cut and paste of the UTV logo onto the ITV idents and news stings. They have analysed Northern Irish viewers' expectations well though, as you lot are all fawning over it.
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UTV Newsline
Considering what was there before, are you surprised people are finding the new look so good?

Plus we don't know what the 6pm bulletin will bring, presumably the full set with (hopefully) the new desk and not just the current desk/studio with new bulbs and logo slapped over the old one.
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