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UTV Newsline
Is the DOG better positioned now? During 4:3 programming, such as last night's Murder, She Wrote, the old UTV DOG straddled across the left of the image so half of it was in the pillarbox and half over the programme. Will it now be all in the pillarbox or moved further in to be inside the image?

Also, the +1 DOG is nice and tight in the corner so hopefully they have done something similar for the main UTV one.
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UTV Newsline
The two idents shown so far have been preceded by a single frame of the network feed (i.e., the network break bumper (at 5.59am) and the Network ident (at 9.25am)). I wonder will this be a 'feature' of the new playout setup.
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UTV Newsline
Same ITVBe trailer shown on ITV also shown on UTV.

A first?

Yep. Was a bit of a foregone conclusion that ITV would start promoting its other channels on UTV. What puzzled me a little is that ITV 2/3/4/Be/Encore trails weren't phased in before now.

My guess would be that the presentation didn't look right. That's the only reason I can think of.
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