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Are Belfast still playing out UTV Ireland?

That's my understanding yes. They cannot hand it over until after the sale closes, because until it does there is always the possibility that something could happen to derail it. I understand the last consent left is Ministerial approval.

Even after the sale does close, they'll probably play out for a while until TV3 firm up their plans for it.
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UTV Newsline
Same ITVBe trailer shown on ITV also shown on UTV.

A first?

Yep. Was a bit of a foregone conclusion that ITV would start promoting its other channels on UTV. What puzzled me a little is that ITV 2/3/4/Be/Encore trails weren't phased in before now.
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UTV Newsline
Is that the first time UTV have ever had a local announcement at 06:00?

I can't recall UTV ever covering that link. Until 1988, we joined TV-am with no lead-in announcement. When the Night-time service started, UTV took the Granada overnight service. And since the early-2000s, the generic overnight ITV service has done the honours (albeit an announcerless intro in more recent years).
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