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Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)

With UTV's new look set to go live tomorrow (17th Oct) the old thread will be closing just before 6am. This thread will then (hopefully) automatically open at 6am, and discussion on UTV's new look can continue here.

For discussion on UTV Live (news rebrand) please use: http://tvforum.uk/thenewsroom/utv-news-rebrand-42095/
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
And so it begins - first UTV ident, with a pre-recorded voiceover by Gillian Porter, into GMB, reflecting the new look.

At least we know Gillian's still around. I doubt they would use her voice if she wasn't staying with the station.

I assume prime-time announcements will also be pre-recorded.
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UTV Newsline
Woke up to Autum Leaves Idents, Could somone tell Virgin Media of the changes as they still have old UTV logo on there programme bar all in all from what I have seen thus far though as a UTV viewer very impressive
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Is the leaves ident part of the ITV network or new for UTV? I've noticed the UTV Twitter account is using the dog in sink graphic for their header.

Not a massive fan of the logo on the fading into screen, would have preferred it to animate the way the ITV logo does.
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