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dodrade498 posts since 31 Mar 2005
Why can't UTV show it live? Its the biggest single annual sporting event in Ulster and all they ever show is late night highlights. surely they can stretch the budget a little, or are they incapable of mounting such a large scale OB?
Colm (previously Col) 3,521 posts since 6 Jan 2003
Is it like last year's effort with the sound of a heart beating?

Despite UTV not showing the NW200 live (I can't answer why they don't show it live, perhaps they can't afford a live OB for that length of time?!), they appear to have built up to the event quite well. Bizarrely, they are showing tonight's practice sessions this evening but coverage of the races isn't until next Thursday! Rolling Eyes

Have they roped Mark Robson back in to commentate? And what were the Golden Moments/On the Grid programmes like?
peterrocket1,439 posts since 5 Sep 2001
UTV do have the OB facilities to make it happen live, but the problem is the technical capabiliites.

At the moment all the cameras are ENG based and record onto tape, which is then edited back at UTV straight after the event. This is like 20 cameras, onboards, kerb cams, so it does take a while to put the show together hence why it's on late next week. Anyway...

Since the race happens to be over a bloody large range, it's very costly to have each camera send a feed back to the OB unit in Portstewart, not to mention live bike-cams etc which would require the helicopter to double up as a transmission unit to bounce back.

Technically it could be done, but money wise, it aint possible with lots more extra kit having to be sourced in. It was looked into with the rights being sold for live showings on other channels across europe etc, but it wasn't a big enough event to warrant it.

However, keep your eyes on another biking event that will be coming up live in September that I can't really say much on as the coverage ain't agered but you might be impressed whos behind it!
murf1000581 posts since 20 Mar 2004
peterrocket posted:
UTV do have the OB facilities to make it happen live, but the problem is the technical capabiliites.

Dont UTV assist RTE with the Sunday Game?
Well UTV where in RTE credits last year for the Sunday Game, is the still same happening this year?