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UTV Newsline
It is curious though why now, several years after the page launched, and so recently after ITV branding took over the chanel, that they decided to put that there.

Plus, that UTV Life logo... Horrific!
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Well its 2 months since UTV continuity was pulled off air....anyone else having Julian withdrawal symptoms?

As much as I call out UTV on this thread for all their faults and errors with the pre-recorded announcements, I am longing to hear "Hi there, whata bout yous, welcome to our Monday night line up here on UTV....." once again.
Bring back the UTV!
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PFMC841,833 posts since 28 Feb 2013
UTV Newsline
I'm honestly not. I'm much more enjoying the more professional look and operation of UTV now and a local accent isn't going to change my enjoyment of the channel or its programmes.

If UTV doesn't come back as a channel name or I don't her Gillian or Julian's voices again I won't be losing any sleep over it. 🤷🏻‍♂️