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Loose Women today on UTV, and its got the ITV dog again.

I think I have worked out the reason why, and my guess is due to the basic setup of the UTV playout system at redbee in London. (Is it defo redbee who plays UTV out?...happy to be corrected).

Due to the show now requiring the 'This is a repeat' caption to be displayed throughout the whole episode, UTV are playing out the core ITV London feed in order to have this caption displayed on screen.

Over on STV, they still have a clean feed of Loose Women, so can still use the STV dog, and the 'This is a repeat' caption is in STV blue where as the ITV feed is displaying a Grey repeat caption box.

UTV's basic playout setup really must be super basic and done on the cheap by ITV, hence UTV cant do credit squeeze, cant display 'next captions' like ITV does, and in situations like we are now in with Loose Women, cant display the 'This is a repeat' caption.

I suspect the end credits on Loose will be a dogs dinner going forward with the credit squeeze and continuity of the ITV announcer verses the Pre recorded end credit announcements recorded by Gillian/Julian in Belfast played out over the top of each other.
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