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Lou Scannon
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I've long since presumed that any on-air acknowledgement of the 60th anniversary would be limited to items shown within e.g. UTV Live and/or UTV Life during the anniversary week itself.

A bespoke one-off "birthday special" programme shown in that week's usual UTV Life slot is about as good as it might get, but even that I suspect is unlikely.
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So since last night at 8pm and all day today, we've had newsreader Aidan Browne on pre-recorded announcing duties. Where's Julian and Gillian gone?? Both on holiday/leave/days off/sick??

Of course back in the pre-2016 days, we would have Pammy, Aidan, Rose or any newsreader with spare time doing a bit of continuity here and there.....but since the ITV owned UTV look, I don't recall anyone other than Julian or Gillian providing continuity (apart from the VERY rare ITV duty announcer popping up on UTV for random one off announcements).

Funny how it sounds like Aidan is using Julian's announcing scripts....
UTV Newsline
Julian's on duty and he's given a mention to the 60th birthday of UTV.
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UTV Newsline
Ulster Television launched on this day in October 1959 - and below is the schedule for that first day on air Saturday 31st October 1959:

4.45pm - Opening of Ulster Television: The Governor of Northern Ireland, Lord Wakehurst opens the new station along with special guest Sir Laurence Olivier

5.10pm - The Adventures of Robin Hood

5.40pm - ITN News and Sport

6.00pm - African Patrol: "The Baboon Laughed"

6.30pm - Boy Meets Girl, introduced by Marty Wilde

7.00pm - 77 Sunset Strip: "Lovely Ladies, Pity Me"

8.00pm - Saturday Spectacular presents: The Jewel and Warriss Show

8.55pm - ITN News

9.00pm - Wrestling from the Empire Sports Stadium in York

9.30pm - Film: Task Force (1949) starring Gary Cooper

11.30pm - The Florian Zabach Show

11.50pm - Epilogue read by Sir Laurence Olivier

11.55pm - Closedown
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Granada North West Today
There was a bit about the 60th on UTV Live at Six tonight.

There was a lot more for the 50th including about a week of retro idents but iirc the 40th was ignored completely as it was during the time UTV didn’t want to acknowledge anything “Ulster Television”-related.
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UTV Newsline
Were any of those primetime programmes exclusive UTV shows - Saturday Spectacular perhaps?

The main schedule was from the network, nothing special for Ulster Television. The opening ceremony and epilogue was the only dedicated programmes for the channel's first day from Ulster Television studios.
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UTV Newsline
There's a clip of the northern lights with an ASDA logo on it with the itv idents theme in the background.

Weird hearing that on utv.