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UTV Newsline
Amazing the picture quality difference - at long last in proper HD.

Picture quality vastly improved. However, that set was badly lit. Got a good look at it during the closing sequence. There's very little light hitting the top third or so of the set. And some of the lighting is so low it's hanging over the top of the set. Fitting two presenters at that desk is going to be a tight squeeze.
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Noticed that UTV have an ident at 8:25 with a “Good Morning from UTV” v/o from Julian. It immediately followed an ITV-branded trailer for the World Cup coverage.

Presumably in central and northern Scotland it is just an ITV branded ident at this time, rather than STV?

UTV branding (idents and trails) was introduced to the 6am - 9.25am slot quite a while ago now. The ITV-branded trail that you saw would've been an error.

Actually it'll have been the very end of the CITV simulcast slot.
Yes, other than the CITV simulcasts, UTV continuity and promos are now on air 24/7, something UTV themselves never managed.
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UTV Newsline
The new newsroom now looks too small. I wonder if the table extends for 2 presenters? You could fit 2 presenters but it looks cramped at the minute.

At least it's a nice HD studio.