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(March 2009)

amosc100 Granada North West Today
From an ex-pat point of view........

Southerners - so far up their own backside they don't even realise that they are actually being ripped off by the scots!!! Sir Fred, did a damn fine job in taking over NatWest (a very London-centric business) making it seem a very good takeover and then runs the business into the ground and then leaving with a fantastic pay-off and pension! STV still doing their own thing and regionally gains more viewers than most other ITV regions - now where did London-centric ITV go wrong???? LOL

Northerners - probably the best people in Television and Film - Hmmm Danny Boyle (he even went to the same secondary school as me!), the best presenters, the best programmes ever produced came from the North (All the glosssy expensive drama's made by old Granada, the longest running Television soaps are made in the north, the best youth-soap is made in the north, the best studio set-up for the networks or independents are in the north, the biggest area of TV stuidos currently being built in the north, the most friendliest and most giving people are in the north. The first modern computer originated in the north, the bouncing bomb invented in the north, John Logie Baird (scottish???) - now if he wasn't born would there be television?

Now what has the south to offer apart from feeble excuses as to why London should be capital. Oh yes abandoned tin mines, Banks pulling out and making mass numbers of southeners unemployed.
Pete Founding member STV North Reporting Scotland
shouldn't this be in requests?
Charlie Wells Moderator Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
I can't recall who originally posted this image however it seemed appropriate...

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