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Back in the early 1990s, one Saturday evening, there must've been a special evening of programmes on BBC2. For this, the 2 was featured in several one off idents, not shown before or since. Each ident was themed, to match the type of programme that was being shown after it.

Each ident had the two doing different things, but also, there was no "BBC" lettering below it. Two I remember, were one where the two was standing on the stage of a comedy club with a jacket and tie on, I guess before a stand up comedy programme. The other was the final one that night, and was before a ghost story, where there was a sheet, and the 2 came into view behind the sheet, before fading away again, like a ghost.

For that latter junction, the announcer did say "to end the evening, a ghost story".

I think there was another where the 2 was in a house doing something, but I could be wrong. The question is, when was this particular night in question, and what was so special about it, that special 2 idents, which were only used once, were made?
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Those are indeed the idents I was thinking of. Many thanks folks.

One thing I already mentioned, it was unusual that the BBC lettering wasn't featured on these idents. Any particular reason why?

I don't know for sure, but I would guess it was because they hadn't yet become strict on having the BBC logo on-screen all the time or being consistent with the use of the BBC brand. This was when announcers still referred to the channels simply as '1' and '2', and a year earlier neither channel was using the BBC logo in its idents, the 1991 look was still relatively new.