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zeebre12141 posts since 31 Dec 2017
Why are they promoting Travel Channel? All it is is a repeats channel isn't it? At least Good Food has some first-run shows. The Travel Channel in the US has also rebranded as a more paranormal channel now so no real link for programming for the UK channel?
FraserGJ116 posts since 18 Mar 2005
HTV Wales Wales Today
Good Food closed just before 6am - cut straight to a Ericsson colour bars/test card plus tone - surprised they didn't put up a slide about tuning to Food Network...

Last full length show to air was 'Choccywoccydoodah' at 5am but a short 'Food Odyssey' show aired just before 6am. After that 2 trails - 'Rachel Khoo: My Swedish Kitchen' on Food Network followed by one for 'Levison Wood: Walking the Nile' on Discovery, then a few seconds of black before the test card...
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