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Central (East) East Midlands Today
Looks like some changes on one of the UKTV transponders. 4 services added and a large drop in bitrates for the FTA services.


Looks like they have changed the modulation scheme as well though - as the bitrate for the transponder looks to now be 42.4Mbs when until the 19th Nov it was less than 35Mbs?

The FEC changed, appears they are clearing out their pan-European transponder and moving services across to save money on having two transponders now that Really, Really ROI, Home are gone and Good Food is no more.
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Central (East) East Midlands Today
On Drama today between the end of The Bill and the first episode of EastEnders they showed a trailer for UKTV play which, strangely, includes a clip from The Bill which looks like it was from the late 80s/early 90s, which has Seargent Cryer and a young looking June Ackland. It's certainly not from the 2004 episodes that Drama are showing, or the 2010 ones on W, it looks slightly later than the 1984-88 episodes Drama showed in 2017, but it can't be from any later than the mid-90s at best. Very strange seeing as Drama never showed these episodes, skipping forward a decade once they got to the end of 1988. Looking on UKTV Play, all they have are the last few weeks' worth of 2004 episodes from Drama, they don't even have the 2010 episodes from W. The scheudule of forthcoming episodes on Drama shows them continuing with the last few episodes of 2004 and the first few of 2005, so no sign of them jumping back to these episodes either.

The other clip in the trailer is one of Sharon and Grant from the early 90s era of EastEnders which Drama are currently showing, so including a clip of The Bill which Drama have never shown (and probably hasn't even been on UK Gold since the late 90s) seems very odd. The still picture they used was of a Rover Metro police car as well, which appeared in the earliest half-hour episodes of the show, and were long gone even by the 1998 episodes that Drama skipped forward to back in 2017, let alone their current 2004 episodes. Are they possibly going to put older episodes on UKTV Play in the near future, but not on the channel itself?
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