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UTV Newsline
I cringe whenever I go into a bar or other establishment with TV's and you can see they are showing you a HD channel in a snowy SD filter as they are sending the signal round the place via an old RF cable. Thankfully some bars have upgraded their set-ups and have proper HD feeds going around all the sets, if only they'd remembered to set the overscan to off as some channels have their graphics dangerously close to the 16:9 safe zone! Wink
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Might be worth tuning into Dave during Live at the Apollo tonight at 9:10pm, a special ad break.

Also next week Monday across UKTV, there's a few presentation tweaks across the network

Edit: typo, 9:10pm not 10:10pm
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Im surprised there doing some tweaks since there planning to split the company .
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It was actually at 9.10pm (unless you were on Dave Ja Vue I guess Wink ) - probably just a slight typo by dbl there, but they've been plugging it throughout nearly every junction on Dave this evening anyway.

In the end less of an advert, but instead a 4 minute mostly textual awareness junction in the Dave house style (white text on Grey) to promote the Campaign Against Living Miserably, encouraging people to look after fellow men's mental health by being a mate. Naturally on their Twitter feed too anyway:-

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