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UKTV channels set to leave Virgin Media on Sunday

11th August - they’re back (July 2018)

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London Lite Founding member
We've gone from one launderette (or washateria as some older locals call it) to three, though one is purely a commercial launderette.

All this launderette talk has made me look up the ancient one I used in Hull on occasion (complete with 40 year old gas dryers and spin dryers), only to find that they've rebranded!

The one I use has a mix of modern machines, ones with the tray slot (which have been adapted to take the new £1 coins) and one spin dryer, The sign is the same as it was in the 70s, but inside, the machines are well maintained.
Since the dispute between UKTV and Virgin Media has been resolved, and now the conversation has veered way off-topic into talk about launderettes, is there much point in continuing the thread?
Whataday Founding member
Or could the discussion be spun off? Very Happy
Well somebody has to pay for ZooMoo.

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