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Dave Ja Vu is still broadcasting but the sound is out of sync.
Ohh, this is a good one. Dave just came back to Top Gear but then after a while cut to Car Pool (Tim Vine episode) for a few seconds, a still from a Money Shop advert, a bit of colour bars and then back to Top Gear again.

I can't wait to watch it again in an hour. How are the other UKTV channels doing?

EDIT : Now they have crashed in to adverts during Top Gear.
Just caught this again on Dave ja vu.

This is what happened, Top Gear went to a break, the sponsorship played out and then paused on the last frame for about 20 seconds, an advert for the army then started half way through, this was followed by an advert for Keith Lemon which paused on the last frame for even longer, a car advert then started part way through and this was followed by an advert for The Money Shop, this paused on it's last frame for 8 minutes and counting, and can currently be seen on Dave ja va right now. The DOG appeared over it at some point too and still remains now.

EDIT : After ten minutes of the frozen The Money Shop graphic, we got a Dave ident with a pre-recorded CA telling us that the following programme had been changed to confuse us. Carpool then came on (Tim Vine was the first guest).
Dave Ja Vu should crash into Top Gear in a couple of minutes.

Carpool (which is not subtitled by the way) was just interrupted by colour bars and then back to Top Gear (which is subtitled and audio described) for a bit, of course, those of us watching an hour earlier know Top Gear isn't here to stay.
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Once in the past, when a playout fault caused all the UKTV channels to fall off air, Red Bee managed to rustle up a spare chain to fill in for UKTV Gold +1 to cover for the breakdown. The rest of the +1 channels just repeated the fault.