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(October 2001)

Techy Peep Founding member
Oooo, naughty word program has come into its own on the topic! It should read Ghost Watch!!! I wonder which word it picked up on??!! Smile

Anyhow... Did anybody see the absolute farce of a live transmission last night at 0000? Absolute joke!

The 'Presenters' couldn't present a gift wrapped teddy bear!!!
Whenever the Director talked on TB, the 'presenters' stopped whatever they were doing, froze, and errr..... errrr..... lost their place.

The female 'presenter' (can't remember her name) seems as though she's never used TB before - & couldn't they at least have sent her off to get a proper earpiece moulded?? It kept falling out of her ear

The whole show looked so unrehearsed or had any form of dry-run that my local junior school could have produced a better programme. No-one seemed to know what on earth was going on!

It was very cringe-worthy from a techy point of view too - the camera bods obviously didn't know what was going on or getting any form of direction - 2-shots going to 2-shots... A big, no a huge, no an ENORMOUS no-no!! The vision mixer didn't know what was going on - astons coming & going like no-ones business, the aston op didn't know what was going on either, the lighting looked like it was provided by an old WWII searchlight, cameras so over-exposed there was little or no detail left in peoples faces, and as for the sound, well... They didn't know what was going on either with wrong mics being faded up or no mics at all. At least the sound op didn't let a squirrel loose on the record player!! (sorry, inside joke ha ha Smile )

There are two unfortunate things about the abysmal show...
1: Produced by the BBC (Oh jeez, god help us all!!!!!!!)
2: I know one of the guests who's an actor. I bet he doesn't use the show on his showreel!!! Smile

It's on again tonight I believe, so if you want a great laugh, tune in!

(Edited by Techy Peep at 11:29 pm on Oct. 27, 2001)
Yeah,I saw that programme.Most of this ghost weekend is pretty bad,with the only thing coming out of it is a load of orbs,which are not that interesting to look at.A point about that progamme,the guests should have been the presenters,as Paul Darrow is an actor and not really cut out for the presenting job.I think the woman who was also presenting is an actress,i may be wrong.

Techy Peep Founding member
I seem to remember her in some cheesy american cop series, or was it a sci-fi series? dunno, but she's dreadful!
BillyH Founding member London London
I think someone should record that special break bumper-the little eye thing vanishes in a grey ghostly fade!Very Happy Shocked
Techy Peep Founding member
Just remembered who the female is... Claudia Christian from Babylon 5
BlackCat Founding member Meridian (South) South Today
I've seen that on other forums... the word it picked up on sounds like twit Smile

On the subject of the ghost program... I read about it last night and I might look at it tonight...
andyrew Founding member
It was shown live on BBC Prime too. I didn't see it, but sounds like it was good watching for all the wrong reasons.
Blake Connolly Founding member London London
Oh, I got excited for a moment, I thought this was going to be about the other Ghos****ch, the controversial one that's now sitting in the BBC's special cupboard for tapes which will never go on air ever again.

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