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I was skipping channels last night at about 2AM and on UK Gold 2 there was just static. But analogue static, we could hear the sound of "open all hours" but no pictures. The UK Gold 2 DOG was overlaying this static. I thought maybe the source origial copy had had a problem, butthe static remained when they went to an advert break. I'd imagine some connector came out or something. I was watching on digital cable not that that should make a difference given that the DOG was there.

The question is, I would have thought UK Gold 2 would play out from a server and it would be digital all the way from the disk to my set top box. Why is there an analogue stage?
noggin14,375 posts since 26 Jun 2001
What you were probably seeing was "digital" static...

Most digital studios and presentation areas are interconnected using Serial Digital connections - which use a single connection to carry serial data at 270Mbs. When disconnected, some SDI kit will display random shash, which looks like analogue noise, other SDI kit displays a full frame of green or magenta.

I suspect that a vision connection upstream of the dog inserter had failed - meaning you were seeing digital noise...