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http://ukgeneralelection2015.blogspot.co.uk/ This blog is handy.

The problem is this, WILL people saying I will support UKIP actually result in proper election results?
Will Euro elections change the gear for the debates?

Again Scotland might stay in the union past 2014 vote and you know who will demand a platform ( the SNP has never come close to even denting labour power hold in Scotland for Westminster).
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and in the end it turned out to be the Lib Dems who got the biggest boost by putting them on the same platform, which you could argue eroded the vote for Labour and the Tories and ultimately led to the coalition.

Yes, it was so successful their number of MPs dropped from the previous election.

Their share of the rose compared with 2005, but thanks to our wonderful electoral system they in fact lost seats overall.

By a huge 1 percent! Whoopee!

I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. They didn't lose MPs because of the debates. Their vote went up - not by much but it went up - but there was also a huge swathe of positive PR for them in the days after the debate that wasn't matched for Cameron or Brown. It essentially benefitted the "little guy" which is why it wasn't a done deal that they would happen again.

Not cheerleading for the LDs, that's what happened.
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And it's thanks to our wonderful election system they'll hopefully be wiped out next time around for betraying their core vote. Lib Dems only want PR because it means they'd never be an outright winner so they'd effectively always be in power as part of a coalition.

And the other parties only want FPTP because it exaggerates their share of the vote into a majority (most of the time).

Ain't politics grand.