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u>direct is no more

(August 2001)

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Big Phil
u>direct has gone! It apparently closed down at 6pm today following a decision made only yesterday. Shame, that, it had potential. It was nicely presented as well.
BBC Choice
I prefered it to SBO - less choice, yes, but it had nicer idents!
It's always a shame when something like this just goes. It was the same with channel east not long ago.

You'd have thought they'd put up a message on their site or leave an info screen up for a day or so to let people know what's going on...

I thought something was up when I saw in the Newcastle local paper (not a normal read!) yesterday that they pulled out of showing their Intertoto match at the last minute. It was the front page lead
BBC Choice
Or at least leave a forwarding address card
The Crowdman
Has anyone tried logging onto U-Direct's Website?

8 days later

The Crowdman
Update... according to Produxion.Com, poor old U>D has gone into recievership... so what's gonna happen to channels 800-850 now? Will Sky move radio up again? Or will they extend SBO? Let's see...

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