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A little idea... (January 2007)

Happy New Year everyone...

I was thinking that we should do a little vote on our favourite mocks that have been on the forum during the year.

If you want to get involved, PM me with your top 3 mocks of 2006 that have appeared on this website (no rocking our own boats please!!! These mocks must be other peoples work) Also, the mocks that you can vote for include mocks bertween 1 January 2006 and 31 December.

When I get a (If I get a... Razz) certain number of replies, I'll stop the voting and from the results come up with the top mocks of 2006 on the forum, and maybe we can have a ceremony of sorts!!!

Anyways we'll see how it goes...

Johnny83 London London
Before anyone has a go at you, this should have been in the Mocks thread shouldn't it?
This thread might be better off in the mocks forum, though.

Some of the most recent ones I'd nominate are pip's ITV Productions encap - very professional, plus yaloh's TNI Sunrise- for breaking out of the BBC/Sky mould and producing something in quality and quantity. (I'm probably only scratching the surface, though).

And an honourable mention to Sky Newsbreak.
Johnny83 posted:
Before anyone has a go at you, this should have been in the Mocks thread shouldn't it?

I pondered on this and as mocks are for mocks, this topic may be more fitting here... apologies to anyone who disagrees.
A former member
Don;t forget the others.....

there the TV-AM: GOOD morning Britain ?

and also the LWT night on ITV3?

ITV4 with the HTV muics endcap:

STV Nightscreen ( simple plain, But that does the job!)

there where all Great mocks!

Don;t forget the spoff:

I liked Barney Boo's "Sky News In Serifvision:

"ITV Productions" by pip:

And Sky News Ireland's take on BBC News 24:

All rather new, but fantastic!
Dan Gooding Central (East) East Midlands Today
My votes have to be for Mr. Q's BBC News titles and graphics for April:
BBC News

And the BBC One cube mocks:
BBC One "cube" style!
lewsnews West Country (West) Spotlight
While there is the best mocks of 2006, there has also been a few oddballs lurking around. I will never understand this....
anything by jamesh... Laughing

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