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Seeing as TV3 still have rights to England's European qualifiers; will these games still be simulcast from ITV or will the coverage be done from TV3/VM? I'd assume that TV3's own coverage of the FA Cup final can be moved onto Virgin Media Sports as it is not a crown jewel sport in Ireland? Are there any other details about how the scheduling of VM 1, 2 & 3 is going to look like come August? Will they stick with the same target audience for their channels like with what that they had for TV3/3e/Be3 or will it all change altogether under the new rebrand?
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They have done their own coverage of all the England games bar one friendly (the only friendly they showed!) where they did their own studio segments but took the ITV commentary.

TV3’s coverage of the FA Cup final might not be able to be moved, afaik it’s yet another contract that is specifically a free to air one, BT Sport and eir Sport have the pay TV rights (the latter is essentially the same games that are on the BBC plus a handful of 3pm games).
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How would this work? Being unable to show it on one channel so it moves to another?

What's on Virgin Media Two instead? The programme that was due to go out on Virgin Media One?

I’m not in Ireland, I saw this on Twitter.
But from what I can see Two is showing Jeremy Kyle. One was supposed to be showing a Trevor McDonald show.
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How does that work? I assume both stations are played out from the same place so I have to assume "technical problems" is a catch all for any kind of production issue.

All I can think of is perhaps Two is automated Playout whereas One has a dedicated Director/Transmission Controller and is more of a reactive schedule. In that kind of setup, I could see how moving it to One might make sense if there was some issue with the edit and it's being played out as live from the edit suite rather than delivered as a file.
Write that down in your copybook now.
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UTV Newsline
Virgin Media - the pure arseholes of broadcasting. Big Brother is not my cup of tea, but if you bought the bloody rights to the show, you air the whole lot. And here was me thinking RTE were the incompetents.