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The annual TV season at the National Film Theatre is coming up at the end of September - see www.bfi.org.uk/showing/nft/calendar/bystrand.php?strand=TV2003

These two events on Friday 26 September might be of particular interest to some TVF members:

TV2003: Reporting the War

This session will look at the challenges posed by coverage of the war with Iraq. Our panel will include representatives from the main TV news providers: BBC News, ITN, Sky News and CNN. They will include both decision-makers behind the camera and those on the frontline - reporters and camera/sound crew. Among the areas we expect to explore are danger, access, censorship, cost and technology. There will also be an opportunity for questions from the audience.

TV2003: ITN Archive Gold

For nearly 50 years, ITN has been at the forefront of news-gathering for the small screen. A recent initiative digitised much of the ITN archive for educational and related uses, highlighting a treasure trove of memorable, moving, whimsical and just plain extraordinary material. As a treat, ITN is allowing us access to some of these rarities, taking us on a guided tour through some of the most remarkable moving images of the last half-century. This was the news.