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(February 2005)

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Mr-Stabby posted:
tvguy posted:
Futurama's better than the simpsons end of story! I've been arguing about this with everyone at school!

It definitely is. It's only because The Simpsons has been shoved down their throats for so long that they almost have to like it. Futurama on the other hand was more of a cult. I've watched both quite a lot, and i'd say Futurama is definitely better. I bet if The simpsons and Futurama were both presented to them as new shows they would prefer Futurama.

I like the both really, I am not going to say which one is better than the other, but I will say this. That when Futurama started is when The Simpsons started to become cr*p, which was about 1999/2000, when IMO it should have ended. There were lots of rumours that The Simpsons was going to end in 1998 or 1999, but that never happened, at the time I thought why, but now they should pull the plug, it's an embarssment. Such as Futurama which was axed in it's Prime after 4 series, it also didn't help as Fox moved it about in the schedules due to NFL. They could have made at least 2 more series out of Futurama and then ended it really. I haven't got the Seasons 3 and 4 DVD's, but I'm greatful Sky One still shows it on a regular basis.
The thing which I think puts me off the Simpsons is that it's too surreal. I know saying that Futurama isn't is rather stupid when you think about it, but with Futurama although it is surreal it is solid in it's continuity and it's ongoing storylines. I cried when Leela finally met her parents in Series 4, yet if something similar happened in the Simpsons, i just wouldn't care even though i like the show a lot, because knowing the Simpsons it would be forgotten about after the next episode. It's like the Simpsons has no character development. I mean what other show can the kids be the same age for so long and one minute they would be playing a Nintendo NES console thinking it's the best thing ever, and then an episode later playing a Playstation and going on the internet. It's just too surreal.

Futurama has character development as well as the jokes and that's why i prefer it.
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Going for Gold (with Henry Kelly)
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And of course.. Father Ted (Although it shouldn't really because it would be disrespectful to Dermot Morgan if they found a replacement for him.)

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