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Not sure if it really counts as a "theme tune change" as such but CBBC's Trapped had a new remix I suppose is the right term on its theme tune when the artist changed for the "voice" but its still basically the same theme.

However Children's Ward definitely changed its theme at least twice, here's what it sounded like in Series 3 (skip to about 40 seconds in and sounds very Byker Grove-ish!)

By series 9 and "The Ward" - 45 seconds in:

And of course the later theme from the last two or three series based on the previous one when for whatever reason it went back to Children's Ward:

Unfortunately ITV have blocked most of the Children's Ward clips on YouTube but I'm pretty sure there was at least another theme for CW?
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This sequence always reminded me of the One O'Clock news titles at the time

The original Masterchef theme is very of its time and reminds me of The Channel Four Daily. Though I happen to love that kind of production style. Great title sequence that takes someone cracking an egg and turns it into a slow motion epic.


Totally agree, and love the classic 90s videowall animation. I miss videowalls.
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This may be more of a relaunch theme than anything else but children's favourite Pingu ended after 156 episodes and six series over 14 years, replacing its theme tune for something Pingu-ish else after about 10 years. The show was later revived with something, well, crap really.

This video has all three themes in order.

I suspect the "new" theme (2nd in the above video) was ultimately retro-added onto the earlier episodes.
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