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How many more hours can be filled out on TV about Condit.
I've found it remarkably easy to switch off from British news. I didn't even know until today that there were crisis Ulster peace talks.
It's Condit 24/7 (well except on the weekend, when they channels really don't have any news)

And the thing is -- the public is not pissed at the media. People really want them to cover the story - not just for the sex - but because Condit is a sleazeball and everyone wants to know where Chandra is (even though she's probably dead, sadly)
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SkyNews, if your still here tomorrow (Monday) Wimbledon's men's championship match is live tomorrow, starting at 7.00 am, on MSNBC.

do they just relay BBC Coverage?

No it was NBC's own coverage (they taped it for the network for it's later re-broadcast)
It seems the US media won't give up until they have hung Condit for murder.
Yeah -- when they don't like someone they really don't like them

It was unbelievable yesterday on FNC -- Shepherd Smith was on from 3.00-4.00 and he just went on and on on how he couldn't believe what Condit has done and that it's unbelievable and unacceptable -- not very FAIR and BALANCED. He's such a hypocrite.
When I was in DC, outside Fox studios one of their reporters was doing a piece-to-camera & around a dozen people (all in matching family tour t-shirts - you know the type!) suddenly launched on him, saying: 'We saw you in Florida'

I assume they were referring to the re-count.

When I've got time I'll type up my experiences at the White House & Senate and with the Secret Service

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I get the impression that the weather forcasters in America do less presenting than any of their colleagues throughout the world.

Look at NBC's 'Big Al' - he's more a roving reporter on the Rockefelle Plaza. You can't really imagine him analysing weather maps & sat pics. You can't imagine Francis Wilson carrying out a similar role.

On NBC when they've done the national forcast, Al will say words to the effect: 'Now let's look at the weather in your area'

Nothing new there perhaps? But . . . they split the screen during the link, with the local forcaster & national forcaster on the same screen.

Perhaps the Beeb should look at this, it adds to the slickness, yet there are more possibilities of technical problems!

(Edited by SkyNews at 10:19 pm on July 14, 2001)
American weather presenters really don't do much. CNN's probably do the most forecasting (not counting the Weather Channe)

They 'Here's what's going on in your neck of the woods.' (It's kinda famous here) is a 'key' to the affiliates to break into or get ready for their local weather.

So is 'This is Today on NBC' before commercials -- it tells the affiliates to get ready for a commercial break.

It's all done to reduce the technical problems -- and I've never seen any mishaps.
I was in a DC bar the other day & they had the Weather Channel on. I couldn't believe that they had 2 anchors & then linked to another studio with the 'severe weather expert'. Are the anchors not weather expert?!! Their lead story was Allstars weather at the time.

Will one of their items be, let's check the weather outisde Condit's DC home?!

I also saw at the same time the subtitles. In the US it scrolls unlike the UK's which goes from 1/2 lines and then the next lines.