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And... SkyNews... can u compare the graphics of the CBS Evening News w/ Dan Rather, NBC Nightly News w/ Tom Brokaw and ABC World News Tonight w/ Peter Jennings?
Chesh isn't coming back anymore?
SkyNews: Breaking News on many channels right now -- policeman was shot in Tampa and there's a hostage situation (I think) -- coverage is scattered though
I've had a hetic day in NY. I was up at 6:00 & couldn't get back to sleep! So, out of the 35 channels in the room, local news offered on Fox 5, ABC, CBS & NBC - and of course NY1 news channel.

Fox5 news 1st edition made Granda Tonight look like Newsnight. The weather, reffered to as 'Dave's Weather' was being anchored from a new sports shop that opened today. His slot consisted mainly of him
1) discussing his car being stolen the previous day
2) plugging the new store at EVERY opportunity
3) hitting balls with a baseball bat

The most typically American TV thing was the reporting of a crash this morning. As I could have predicted the graphic showed images of 2 crashed cars with a big flash coming from it

So, before breakfast to the network breakfast shows. They are all anchored from Times Square studios, which I saw last night.

ABC's Good Morning America is best compared to BBC Breakfast
CBS Early Show & NBC Today are somewhere between Breakfast & GMTV. NBC had Shaggy live in the studio this morning (the GMTV aspect)
CBS were interviewing someone who had hiccups for ONE year! (the GMTV part!)

I noticed Claire Shipman has moved from NBC to ABC.
They were all going big on Condit
Best astons: CBS with the rest about ther same.

Last night I caught BB2 US (so Paul's survived again in the UK I'm just hearing) they have a 'Head of the Household' position. Basically he gets a room that's more like a hotel with a mini-bar & robe saying 'HH'.

Then I saw part of Millionaire (Olympics special). This was a question

What is the common term in UK for elavator?
a) lorry
b) nappy
c) queue
d) lift
and I think it was for $32k as well!

Just watching the Mets-Yankees while I type this - It's on a widescreen TV - though it doesn't seem as wide as UK ones.

I was actually speaking to someone today who never misses PMQs on Wednesdays & stops his kids from changing the channel.

BTW: On BA, they had special idents for their OWN programming as well with circles forming them - they are only in business class though. You get a choice of 8 video channels. The choice of programming is great there: I had the option of Ali G or The Dish (unfortuantely, the plane was landing so I missed the actual lunar landing!)

(Edited by SkyNews at 3:46 pm on July 8, 2001)

Even if I hate the actual content of the news it was LIVE, LIVE, LIVE (as I say it should be). Even at 6am the NY news stations were live in a large number of locations.

Additionally, why were FOX5 News carrying Lou Dobbs Moneyline (CNN) graphics in their First Edition show.

NBC aren't even showing Wimbledon LIVE, I'll be annoyed if he reaches the final for the first time & I can't see it. It would be shown at breakfast time live so wouldn't interrupt the day anyway! NBC were showing SW19 time delayed today.
I warned you. DON'T WATCH AMERICAN LOCAL NEWS. IT'S CRAP. ESPECIALLY FOX. Probably the most professional local news is NBC4 - but I really don't watch it. If you can Nightline on ABC (11.30 pm) is very professional. It's kind of like Newsnight, only a lot shorter and with lots of commercials (not a lot of people watch it).

The Today Show always has a 'Summer Concert Series.' Claire Shipman did move to ABC about (maybe) a year ago. I think she's chief Washington correspondent. And there ALL big on Condit.

I didn't know Fox5 carried Moneyline's graphics at all. Are you sure? I wouldn't think Fox would be allowed to show any CNN stuff…

Wimbeldon is recorded - not a lot of people watch anyway.

Where do you have a widescreen TV? The only widescreens I've seen are the plasma wall-mounted ones or the HDTV. PBS is the only channel that broadcasts some programmes in w/s.

Did you get to watch any of the news nets?

Oh yes. LIVE is the keyword in American news. FNC and MSNBC's LIVE dogs are the worst. The take up a quarter of the screen (exaggerating a but but they re huge).

Another thing. American news is very sensationalist. It's really annoying.
I'm sure the baseball on Thurs night was W/S or HDTV it had w/s friendly areas.

I've got MSNBC/CNN/CNNfn news channels in the room. I find the local news hilariously crap. It's like Bob Friend & Anna Botting's side comments about 3 times an hour for virtually the whole show!

In Times Square earlier I overheard some over-excited Americans commenting: 'Oh my god -- that's MTV!'
ABC/CBS/NBC are all within about 1 minute of each other.

Every few minutes you see the microwave vans of the local stations driving around. I noticed a NY 1 News microwave van in Times Square - the microwave was even smaller than an Sky DigiDish.

I was suprised to hear ealier that Sky News can be picked up here. It must be picked up from Canada.
CNN had a gospel singer in the studio this morning.

Something I was suggesting earlier in the forum about the situation post-Your Call. CNN at 9:30 this morning had their Ntl Corresp (Bob Frankyn) answering emails & phone calls from viewers about Condit. It was inside the normal programming CNN Sunday Morning. Of course, CNN have Talkback at 3pm weekdays.

It's a bit strange seeing all the references to the success of Survivor. Suppose there's no such thing as survivor jokes here!

Big Brother is very different. BB2 started on Thurs & the public don't get to do the voting. It goes to the housemates after the Head of the Household has nominated 2 for eviction. The NY Times yesterday suggested that this was to copy the successful Survivor style of voting. The way the programme is put together is very different. More like a documentary/docu-saop than the British chronological programme.

NBC aren't using BBC graphics from Wimbledon - all their own & much better. Their opening titles are what you might expect from the Americans - the Palace/Commons/Opening of Parli etc are all shown.

In the Henman commentary they refer to him as being English. The only time they refer to Britain is in the wrong context, saying that him winning Wimbledon would be the biggest sporting event since Britain's World Cup win.
Some sports programmes are broadcast in HDTV, mostly baseball, but I don't think ws

CNN does the e-mail/call-in thing a lot lately. They've down it for a while on Saturday/Sunday Morning. I think it's in response to Fox's (and earlier MSNBC's - though they don't do it anymore) success and higher ratings numbers since they have more 'viewer interaction'. I find it annoying thought -- really don't care what someone in West Virginia thinks about Congressman Gary Condit !

Big brother bombed the ffirst time it was over here. I don't know what the ratins are like for this edition of it tough…You kno wyou have to pay to watch them on the web. That's got a lot of people mad.
SkyNews, if your still here tomorrow (Monday) Wimbledon's men's championship match is live tomorrow, starting at 7.00 am, on MSNBC.
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alekf posted:
SkyNews, if your still here tomorrow (Monday) Wimbledon's men's championship match is live tomorrow, starting at 7.00 am, on MSNBC.

do they just relay BBC Coverage?