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Well, I'm sure you would, but that's impossible, soon as only admin's get them Very Happy
Robert De Rosa
This forum was an excellent idea Asa, I congratulate you!

Best Regards,

Robert De Rosa
So how many do you need to get two dots, Asa?
Asa3,723 posts since 22 Mar 2001 Administrator
Robert De Rosa posted:
So how many do you need to get two dots, Asa?

I'm not sure Robert! And thanks for your comment about the forum.

That gives us all hope doesn't it!!! The webmaster and administrator doesn't know how many we need! Actually it seems to me, whilst reading these pages, that this is becoming a cult! Perhaps you should shave your head, don a red toga and go dancing around the streets shouting TV Home, Asa! It could be the 8th world religion... TV Homism... Just imagine, this could be the ultimate shrine! You could charge fortunes for membership! The possibilities are endless!

We salute you, Asa

It's worth noting that I wrote this with a smile. I intend you all to read it with one too Smile
Nick D
BjD seems to be in Rehab at the moment (kidding) so i'm going to ask, what's next for TV Home? Please can we have some more BBC Headline stuff Inc. BBC Breakfast, BBC Regional News headlines, YTV Headlines (calendar) 'n' stuff, PRETTY PLEASE!

Steve713 posts since 9 Apr 2001
I think this site is quite superb!! I have only come accross it in the past day and to send questions and get replies from various people about TV presentation, logo's etc. is excellent. Are there any visitors to the site that actually WORK in T.V??