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(December 2001)

Nice job Asa! It looks a lot better than a different banner on each page advertising something. If only it could be kept like this, but I understand why the banner helps the site.


You could have made the speech marks in the V green as mistletoe. But I think it's fine the way it is. I like the santa's hat on the T of T V Home. My favourite is the forum's one though.
harshy Founding member
It looks very good Asa, well done!Smile

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Pete Founding member STV North Reporting Scotland
me like.

nuff said
Pete Davis
God Windows XP and IE6 are ugly. I wish i had a good enough Mac for MacOS X.

However, I like the christmassy TV forum...
Pete Davis
For comparison, here is TV Forum in Opera 6 (the default config):


And TV Home in Opera 6 with Opera 5 graphics, and no menu backdrop. I may switch to the new icons, but the backdrop just does workwith my colourscheme (its transparent, and works great with 'Windows Standard', but I like to use a colour scheme thats designed for more than 16 colours). The colour scheme I use is Slate.  It should be noted that the snowflakes dont work, as Operas JavaScript is still a bit buggy.


BTW I've sometimes seen the same ads (usually BT) in both TV Forum and Opera ad windows...

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