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(January 2004)

sda| Central (West) Midlands Today
News channels, "pop music" video channels, telewest's hideous mpeg compression, televisions refusal to put anything decent on it's 200-odd channels
Katherine Founding member
Tom Schafernaker, the creeping fungus of RnB/garage music onto stuff like MTV Dance, use of the word 'robust', presenters that shout rather than talk....... more to come when I've had another little think........
Charlie Wells Moderator Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)
Shopping Channels (only there because some people can't be bothered to get off there backsides and do something), Sky News, and Ministry of Mayhem.

I'm glad that RI:SE has been consigned to 'Room 101', it save me from having to list it.

TWO ident Founding member
I REALLY hate HTV West posted:

When sports coverage is cut short because it's overrun - take the example of the league decider in Italy a few seasons ago. Because of Channel 4, we missed the end of the frigging match.

I'll second that - Channel 4 cutting away from the cricket at 6pm when isn't scheduled to finish until 6.45 to show some cheap gameshow? GRRRR!!!!!

Loud background music, fast cutting camera-angles, ITV generication (sp?), the abolition of Dougie Donnelly from nearly all network sports coverage (family know him quite well, great guy) and archive shows where 90% of the material is 4:3 yet they insist on cropping to 16:9.
Katherine Founding member
Lack of proper capitalisation on some DOGS/graphics etc as well as text speak in order to create a slightly 'trendy' look.......
AJ London London
people who moan about on screen graphics and half arsed relaunches
Cheese Head
Oh, and how words appear on the screen without seeing them talk until the end of promo/ad. Damn you five!!
michaelwh1 Founding member
For Room 101 I nominate Border News - it's just really unprofessional, amateurish and normally pays very little attention to the South of Scotland bit of the region (although there is a pre-recorded opt-out at certain times). Let us have Scotland Today instead! Smile
-That announcer on Sky One, her voice gives me a migraine! Evil or Very Mad
-BBC One Massai Ident
-Iain Lee (he had no purpose on RI:SE accept as an annoying git, and he should not be allowed near a camera EVER again)
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nwtv2003 Granada North West Today
For me it's.......

Reality TV, a format which is too tired
UK Gold, where does the term Gold come into the channel anymore?
ITV's crappy scheduling, with the News and programmes which flopped at 9 or 10pm
The technical part of North West Tonight, with VTs and live links going wrong, again the problem of Croporama
BBCi on NTL, the same walled garden sh*te which takes ages to load and is nothing compared to BBCi on Sky and Freeview.
Hmmm, where do I start..
- 5th Episode of Corrie (particularly when 2 shown on the same night)
- Talking heads clip/lists shows - now overdone to death
- Any prog with "celebrity" in the title
- Big Brother
-Pop Idle/Stars/Academy
- The endless repeats of the handful of good BBC3 programmes, scattered liberally all over the BBC3 Schedule so no one ever knows which ones have already been watched.

That'll do for now,

Oh, and Vernon Kay.

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