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TV Forum New Year Greetings 2008 thread

(December 2007)

James Vertigan Founding member London London
Hi everyone!

Well another year has flown by, and as usual, there have been plenty of surprises in the world of TV presentation!

As we enter into Christmas Eve morning, I'm sitting here wondering where the year has gone... so it must be time for the TV Forum Christmas/New Year greetings thread!

I think my signature says it all really, but for those who can't see it:

MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for 2008 to all TVFORUM members and moderators !

I'd also like to personally thank Asa for all the hard work he puts into running this place and long may it continue!

I shall be spending Christmas at home in London this year, for the first time in a few years, but wherever you're spending yours, hope it's a happy, peaceful and safe one!
Ant STV Central Reporting Scotland
Hear hear.

Happy Christmas.
It's strange - the more you think about it, the more you realise has happened this year, not just in TV, yet it has gone pretty quickly!

Have a good one everybody!
Jonny Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
One year ago... BBC1 had recently relaunched, BBC2 was still yellow, ITV1 is still yellow and we were all disappointed at C4 for not using a Christmas ident.

Happy Christmas to all TVFers and a big thank you to Asa for providing a superb forum!
sjhoward Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Merry Christmas everyone, and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!
luke-h Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Well, it's been a busy year, and to be quite honest, I'm glad to see the back of it!

Merry Christmas TVF, and a happy new year to you all!
jrothwell97 Meridian (South East) South Today
I can only really reiterate what posters above said.

Happy Christmas everyone!
Gareth Williams Wales Wales Today
Happy Christmas everyone:

itsrobert Founding member Granada North West Today
Hope you all have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2008. Thanks for your continued support of TV Forum - long may it continue.
dbl London London
Happy Christmas all, and hope 2008 is a better year.
DJ Dave Granada North West Today
Merry Christmas and have a Fab New Year!
adamcobb55 STV Central Reporting Scotland
Merry Christmas and have a great new year everyone!

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