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Apologies to everyone, the only option that I have been able to set up is via my phone, apologies for the random swiping that I have been doing if anybody has noticed. Therefore I cannot join in with the chat section.

Could've been worse mate, I was getting no sound, wasn't sure if I was muted or not, and went to leave and rejoin. Obviously I couldn't get back in, so I'll see what went down later.
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A big thank you to James for taking time out to produce that. I think it was great to hear from someone in the industry about the creative process and just what is involved in getting something to air (as well as who is clearly as passionate about pres as the rest of us!)

Thanks too to everyone who came along. This idea was only cooked up a few days ago so I hope it was interesting. It was great to put some faces to names (with a great selection of backdrops, hoped you all liked my '90s News at Ten Very Happy) Sorry to those who had problems connecting.

And given the extension news we've all found out about today, I'm sure there's opportunity for another meetup soon. Who knows, one day we actually do a non-virtual one.

Thanks again!
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I certainly enjoyed the 15 minutes I was there. Nice to finally put faces to names and I hope we can do something like this in the future - even if it isn't necessarily a guest speaker as mentioned by Worzel!
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