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TV Forum Live Q&A Session with James Mobbs
7pm this Thursday, 16th April

*** Meeting room link: https://tvforum.uk/zoom ***

While we're all still in lockdown it seems like a good opportunity to create a virtual meeting place. This Thursday freelance senior designer James Mobbs will be online to run through how his interest in TV presentation began, his time at the BBC and now as a freelancer. We plan a Q&A afterwards but as this is a new idea we're of course open to see where it goes.

Any questions ahead of time for James are welcome.

We'll be using the suddenly very popular Zoom app. It's available for a wide variety of devices. Installation is easy, even a government official can do it. No registration is required to participate, although it is free to sign up anyway.
The coolest feature? Having your own virtual backdrop. Something not missed by the team at Transdiffusion!

The link to join the meeting will be available for registered TV Forum members nearer the time.

We hope to see you online on Thursday!
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Meridian (South) South East Today
All of a sudden it feels like we're living in the future, don't you think?!
I need to lie down. Then I need to decide on a virtual backdrop, design it, change my mind a few dozen times and then bottle out of appearing anywhere anytime soon because I've just cut my hair. At least I now look as crackers as I feel.
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