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(March 2007)

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623058 posted:
Metropol 24//7 Shocked I never KNOW ABOUT THAT!

I was just having a bit of fun, well if People want to use them let them!

I never MADE anyone use them, I can;t be responsible for OTHER people actions!

I just informing people, that others where doing it, Post office giro pure FUN:

James Martin: do you have any complaints about the cat?

The cat? No, it rules. Given that I use Firefox though, and the cross of course comes from IE, it confused the s**t out of me for a moment.

If you mean that squealy aaaah cat thing on Metropol, that's even better.
tvmercia Founding member Central (West) Midlands Today
nok32uk posted:
He is Dyslexic. Personally I think you're all taking the p*** out of him and its nothing more than bullying.

On the other hand if 623052535235 wants people to start quoting him in their signatures - thats just pathetic. His spelling started to improve - he admitted himself he was using Spellcheck, but now it seems he couldn't give a toss.

i know several worthwhile members seem to be roughly the same as yours. however. i firmly believe that it is absolutely essential that posts are legible. he has proven that with a little time invested at his end, spell checking and double checking the meanings of words, he can save everybody else having to read through his posts three or four times only then to have to make a wild guess at what he might have been trying to say.

its getting to the point where i skip past most of his posts, which is a great shame. his views are as valid as the rest of the rank and file members on here.

how far do we go? do we defend the right of welsh speakers to post on here in welsh if they feel unable to express themselves in english? even though it will make no sense and add nothing to the discussion - or do we gently persuade them to make the effort to produce something legible that will be of some use to the rest of us.
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Like your broken Caps Lock key?! Laughing
B.E. El-Zebub
James Martin posted:
Like your broken Caps Lock key?! Laughing

I should have know that you would use the Caps Lock key when Shift would be much easier.
Pete Founding member STV North Reporting Scotland
apparently I don't have a sig related to him anymore, I must have deleted it at some point in the past, perhaps when it got tired.

Not that you'd know about that would you JM. Perhaps you'd prefer to have jokes about black people on the moon again, oh wait, you got banned from MP for that didn't you.

Stuart West Country (West) Spotlight
I did have reason to complain recently that someone had quoted me in their signature completely out of context which made an innocent statement appear malicious. The Forumer in question then responded by PM to say it had been removed.

As far as 623058's comments and appearances in signatures is concerned I can't see a problem. He has no objection and actively encourages people to do so even if in a jocular fashion.

Regular viewers of the site know what he means anyway, and I have laughed at some of the statements/words he's come out with quite often. I value his contributions to threads.

That doesn't mean I ridicule those with a disability. It's refreshing for someone like 623058 to embrace the fact that he has one and still communicates on a medium which is all the more challenging because of it.

My Housemate for 3 years had the same attitude with his terrible stutter. We would both end up laughing so much at times because he struggled over one word. He would end up just saying "Oh f**k it, I'll tell ya later!!!"
Edward H
onetrickpony posted:
It maybe my ignorance, but 623560 - how do you manage to log onto the PC each day if you are dyslexic - i don't mean it in a bad way, just curious if your bound to type things wrong.

Look at this article on the Guardian
to understand about what dyslexia is all about. I have found that I have improved my spelling and typing skills by logging in to the computer each day, as by learning from you're mistakes, and correcting yourself with spelling programs means that you learn the word you used to spell wrong in the end. I don't regret signing up to this forum when I was younger as a other user as even though I cringe every time a old post of mine is brought up, I feel proud how far I have came, and how my post are different from them times.
Ronnie Rowlands
Edward H posted:
onetrickpony posted:
It maybe my ignorance, but 623560 - how do you manage to log onto the PC each day if you are dyslexic - i don't mean it in a bad way, just curious if your bound to type things wrong.

..."you're" mistakes...

...I feel proud how far I have "came"....

Wow. That's ironic Wink

Can I have my 623058 quote back in my signature?
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Is anyone offended by the p*ss-taking of the original "Maybe it you clooks!" quote? Yes it's sad he's dylsexic but... it was funny and even 623058 admits that...

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