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I think the North West Today/Tonight/next week issue is being resolved... this morning.

He's stopped winking now, and he's busy tomorrow night.
cat2,594 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Yeah, he's not even in my league!
Get outta da pool nose boy!

Anyway, pleasing to see the forum's return.
Well done to Mr Asa for being such a master of all things websitey.
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No it wasn't, but I have got addicted to the Young Journalists colour scheme so i'll have to keep dropping by there! I like the integrated main page BUT there is no online users bit, I know there is the active users bit, but its quite an achievement working your way to the top of the list when there are around 20 members on!
cat2,594 posts since 4 Jan 2003
It's fashionable to post in this thread now.
I didn't update my link to the new forum and was whisked back to the old Young Journalists one... it's looking very sad and lonely all on it's own. Poor little mite.
This is really good now. Its a real 'online community' now. If there was some other 'ads' besides the Ask Jeeves one in suitable places, Asa could make some hard cash for the site, and have even more features! Such as one that lets you have unlimited bandwidth! Very Happy
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Chesh you sounded very much like Rolf Harris there for a moment. If you say that you love Home & Away and have a sudden compulsion to have a BBQ and invite all your Neighbours round then I will be very scared.

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You leave Rolf alone, we've been best mates for years!
Now if you'll excuse me I need to get a tinny from the cooler.

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Isonstine2,543 posts since 28 Mar 2001
Nothing wrong with Rolf at all! Great fella! Love that advert he's in for the milk. Although someone told me it was a cartoon and not really Rolf, but I didn't believe 'em!
cat2,594 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Nah, that's Rolf - for sure! I'd know him anywhere.
And as for that big tube he blows down, don't let anyone know I told you this but... it's all a con.
Rolf has extreme bladder problems and difficulty controlling his 'wind', shall we say.
In an attempt to hide his embarrasing problem he adopted a big wooden stick thing, and started to blow down it - as if he was making a noise.
He was actually letting off farts like a steam train, you'll know what I mean if you ever see him in concert. He stinks the house down.