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Welcome back to TV Forum!

It's been a little while but the TV Home Forum is now back again. Apologies for the problems which occurred very suddenly on Saturday August 11th!

I'm happy to say that you can log in with your original usernames and passwords on the homepage and continue to post in the new, permanent address of the TV Forum.

You'll notice the addition of the 'Image Upload' button when you reply to a thread. This allows you to upload images to a TV Forum server and then it will automatically add the link to the site into your post. Please do not upload mock designs to the server. If tests are successful, this ability will be extended to new posts and edited posts. Feedback on this is always appreciated. asa@asanet.co.uk
Also look out for the new 'memberlist' available from the top menu.

Also new is a banner which appears at the top of the screen for Ask Jeeves, the search engine. The TV Forum is a non-profit organisation, and any money that is made through that will be directed to improvements and expenses - namely web hosting. Please use this feature but spamming is detectable and could lead to the site's removal from the scheme.

Any problems, please let me know and enjoy the forum! Incidentally, TV Home will hopefully return shortly.

There maybe some problems over the coming week as accounts are being moved to new servers. Please be patient while this occurs.

Cheers, Asa
Steve Naylor
Yes, a huge welcome back to the new TV Forum @ TV Home.

It's been great having you all over at YoungJournalists.com and I hope you will still call in there.

I'll see you all around here...!
asa, it's good to be back. good job!!!!!!

see ya in chat!Very Happy
YAY Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

It's good to be in familiar colors...

Though youngjournalists.com did a splendid job to keep the TV-jukines alive. Wink

Cheers to all!
At last,it has partly returned!Very Happy

Where is North West Tonight on the BBC News region selector in the profile page?
Mich632 posts since 24 Mar 2001
Ah isn't this nice, wow, its looking good. Anyway onto the 3 topics I tried posting in before I worked out that the place had closed - Damn i've admitted that again!