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I've been looking for an excuse to mention this and as we're discussing when the show went downhill, I found this interview interesting, especially the point made about how the show's crew became divided between people who wanted more clips, and people who wanted more sketches.

Towards the end of the TV show’s run, the team had broken into two camps. One side wanted to focus less on clips while the other (the “TV Burp purists”) wanted to build it more and more around clips.

“I was always trying to make it into a sketch show,” he explains. “I was trying to edge out the clips whereas the others were trying to get more clips.”

It never descended into all-out war, but clearly something had to give. “I was starting to lose interest in it,” he admits. “I could always write a show. But I was starting to think we didn’t want to do a bad one. All the writers agreed.”

Worth a read if you're remotely interested in Harry Hill and/or TV Burp. http://www.bigissue.com/features/interviews/1920/harry-hill-i-was-bad-mood-six-months-year

Interesting that it seems Harry was more for changing it to more sketch based, which is exactly what went worse for me. Too much messing around in the studio with disgusting things.
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I started watching during Series 3 and at the time it felt like one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. Every episode would never fail to leave me in tears of laughter, and while the repeats haven't quite matched that (a combination of knowing the show's formula and no longer being 15 years old) it's still brilliant to see them again.

The 2006 series for me was the last to be effortlessly funny all the way through. From then on until about 2009 it was hit and miss (the 'Cataracts' episode in early 2008 was one of the best episodes the show ever made) and by the time the likes of Wagbo came in the show had long past its peak.
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chris4,047 posts since 6 Jul 2005
Granada North West Today
I think it all went downhill when 'knitted character' arrived. Started off as a funny reference then was on week after week, had it's own squeaky voice then a stupid viewer competition that didn't fit well with the rest of the show.

Yes, considering that was born out of one tiny little plot line in Eastenders it was a bit ridiculous.
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I think its most tedious point was towards the end when each episode would have many, many returning characters and the audience would go "WHEEEEEY" in faux delight for every f-ing one of them. Ugh.
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The genius of it is making jokes out of mundane scenes that you usually wouldn't give a second thought about, they can be some of the show's best moments, not that I don't mind a bit of making fun of, say, Derek Acorah's various Living TV shows.