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Tour de France on ITV3 / ITV4

(July 2006)

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Been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now.

No surprise really the nightly highlights of the Tour de France moved to ITV4, but I was quite surprised to see that the live coverage (at weekends) was being shown on ITV3 rather than ITV2.

Poor old ITV2 - it's younger siblings steel everything!

Also, no sign of any coverage on ITV1 at all this year - usually there is a weekly late-night highlights programme!
The coverage this year has been fantastic. ITV seem to have invested in the event this year with an hour long daily show on ITV4. The weekend live coverage on ITV3 has also been good. It also has a podcast and website this year.
It appears that ITV2 are keeping to their No Sport policy now, though it's a shame they've took the Tour De France two channels down, at least ITV4 gives it the chance to be shown fully, rather than being interrupted by more popular ITV2 programmes.

I notice ITV3 is being used for Sport a bit more, though it's supposed to show nothing but repeats, it's come in handy for ITV whenever Tour De France is shown at Weekends, and whenever F1 Qualiyfying is being shown about 6.00am our time, I guess it's the only normal ITV channel that can house this without being intruded by GMTV.

Though as Tour De France is a nice addition to ITV3/4, I wonder why at Weekends they cannot show it on ITV1, they used to show it on Channel 4.

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