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Just seen a May 1989 edition on YouTube and noticed on the Ferry Cross The Mersey video, they zoomed into it to cut off the scrolling banner with the names of the Hillsborough victims, which seems a bit disrespectful. Probably so Paul Ciani could pull his trick of cutting videos short, as it starts about a minite in, and the first 20 or so names would have already scrolled by. Had they run it in full, with the names intact, on a previous show?

Anyone know how The Chart Show handled it? None of the 1989 editions I have are ones that feature it.

There are actually two versions of that video - one with the scrolling banner of names and one without. The Chart Show always used the version with the names - I think they tended to play it pretty much in full, though I don’t know if the names run for the entire length of the videoclip.
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Remember that the scrolling banner of names, and the caption stating the death toll are out of date now, the 96th victim died in 1993

If it's a decision to show it without the captions then that's probably why
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Thinking back, the version without the scroll appeared on one of the NOW! compilation videos - Now 15 I believe. Perhaps either two versions were made, or the NOW! video used an early cut before the scrolling names were added. I don’t think that particular dub is “zoomed in” (why would they?)
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Gary Davies played Billie Jean on Sounds of the 80s on Friday, which really should dispel once and for all the idea that there's any BBC Michael Jackson ban (or even just a Radio 2 specific ban as some tabloids tried to suggest).

The non-appearance of Michael Jackson on Friday's TOTP seems to have made the rumours of a BBC ban re-emerge though, clearly from people who somehow didn't listen to Peter Powell's explanation.
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Given a few years earlier Legs and Co were regularly dancing to the number one single when there was nothing else to show, it does seem a bit off that they didn't play the thing in any shape or form after the focus switched to videos. But if those were the rules...