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Was Top of the Pops ever rebranded outside the UK? From 2003 - December 2008, there was a channel here called Mojo HD - featuring only HD content. There was a show called London Live featuring musical acts from London. I was talking to a friend of mine at the the time and he said it sounded like Top of the Pops. Does anyone have any more information about that? If it was indeed TOTP, and if at the time the BBC was indeed filming stuff at the time in HD - well before they launched a linear HD channel - unless it was a Worldwide production where outside customers would want HD?

Later... was shot in HD for the US HD market before BBC HD I believe (they used an Alfacam HD OB truck parked outside TC3 in the ring road, before they used a BBC OB HD truck - Unit 2). Could it have been that?

TOTP was SD 16:9 I'm pretty certain.

There is a rumour about a few 90's episodes being shot in 1250 line HD but who knows if it is true.

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Also last night's epsiode ends with the very strange version of the Phil Collins Groovy Kind of Love video that's barely much over a minute long. The Chart Show showed this version as well with them saying "sorry it's so short, that's all there is". There is a full length version of the video as I've seen it countless times on the music channels, so I wonder why they only released such a short edit to TOTP and The Chart Show at the time?
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The Radio 1 FM broadcast had "A Groovy Kind of Love" play right to the end of the track:


(also includes an interesting live link-up, on Bruno Brookes' show, with Steve Wright about the pre-TOTP preparations outside TC8, as well as the news bulletin which followed, and the start of Liz Kershaw's show)

It could be a mere case the video was still in (post-)production, and a final edit wasn't ready in time for this edition of TOTP; so a compromise was made of a condensed version so the track could still be featured.

Phil's in the studio on the next show when the song climbs to Number 1, and this performance gets repeated the following week and on Christmas Day, so the complete video didn't end up getting played on TOTP.