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We've had discussion before on which pre-September 88 (when the Radio 1 simulcasts started) episodes were made in stereo, watching the video of the infamous All About Eve performance, that's quite clearly in stereo, which you can tell from the applause when the song finally fades up in the studio (at around the 1:20 point):


And we hopefully will be seeing this infamous performance in all it's glory on Friday.

And yet, the performance that *should* be remembered is the week after, when Julianne sang live, so beautifully.
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I'm pretty sure not as far ahead as making one for 1990, when we're still 3 months away from the 1989 one being aired!

Jenny Powell did tweet a photo a around July of her recording an interview for the BBC talking about TOTP and No Limits. Don't know if that was for the Story of 1989 or another programme though. A clip of her presenting with Jakki Brambles from a November 1989 episode did somehow make it into the Story of 1988 for some reason though.

It was for the Story of 1989.

Ahh, I did wonder, seeing as she wasn't explicit about what she was doing the interview for.
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The Funky Worm's Hustle! (To The Music...) is a rather great overlooked dance gem from 1988 but you'd never know it from this performance on TOTP tonight. Absolutely wrecked by that over intrusive audience shrieking over the whole thing. At a couple of points in it the high pitched shrill noise came out the TV in a way that reminded me of being out in public when someone's tantrum toddler lets out a sudden unexpected piercing scream next to you which makes you jump.
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I didn't know that Janice Long might have still continued to do TOTP if it wasn't for the then-upcoming Radio 1 FM simulcast. Of course it's still quite shocking that such decisions were being made as late as 1988:

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I didn't know that Janice Long might have still continued to do TOTP if it wasn't for the then-upcoming Radio 1 FM simulcast. Of course it's still quite shocking that such decisions were being made as late as 1988:

Hard to believe overly moralistic attitudes like this actually existed as recently as the end of the 80's isn't it. Extraordinary from Radio 1 of all stations. Quite lucky we don't hold to these high handed morals over others nowadays otherwise maybe Janice could have been airbrushed off BBC4's TOTP like others but for the mere offence of daring to have a child out of wedlock.

She's been very badly treated by both Radio 1 back then and Radio 2 recently of course. By Radio 1 not approving one must imagine she means controller Johnny Beerling?
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Many of the comments underneath echo what I was thinking as she began to finally perform halfway through the song. She really did look completely un-fazed by the embarrassment at what had just happened on live primetime television. Although did we see her guitarist look to the audience and shake his head in annoyance as it finally got going or was that just part of his playing demeanour? I couldn't quite tell. For some reason I always thought she stayed mute for the entire song. It's interesting just how many new female chart acts are appearing at this point in time.

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Yeah I hadn't realised that they got to do the second half of the song, the clip shows never show you that bit. When she did start singing I thought it seemed a bit half hearted, perfectly understandably

As they mention at the beginning it's an all female episode, something that if it had happened in 2019 the BBC would have made a bit of a fuss about... and a lot of saddos would have moaned about
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So much pointless picture effects on this era of the show, pictures zooming and flying all over the place on most performances. I imagine they thought it looked impressive at the time, but it looks stupidly dated now, you pretty much never see it these days.

They had just got the first Questech Charisma units I think - which allowed for rotation, 3D perspective, multi-freeze, background channels etc., and since they'd been limited to very basic Quantel effects (they didn't have the Rotator option on their 5001s by the look of it) until then - they pushed them quite hard. (Up until Charisma arrived, you really had to use an Ampex ADO or a Quantel Encore to do decent 'flat 3D' DVE effects. Abekas had some 'pseudo 3D' effects - but ISTR that they weren't really in 3D space. Charisma changed all that, and was far more 'cost effective' ISTR. The BBC bought loads of them - and they were still in use in BBC News well into the 00s)

Back in the day those effects were seen as 'cool' and a way, believe it or not, of making your show more modern. I actually quite like the choices they made in how they used them - but I remember them first time round - when seeing those effects was genuine quite exciting!

Wait until the early 90s when they got the CLEO (Curvi Linear Effects Option) for their Charismas, that let you do Quantel Mirage-type effects (wrapping pictures onto 3D shapes and animating those shapes!). The Clothes Show, Going Live and Top of the Pops all used them. A lot... (CLEO used a Commodore Amiga home micro to design the 3D shapes (using a mouse driven GUI), Quantel's Mirage, dating back to the early 80s, used a Hewlett Packard Mini Computer, with the shapes designed in Pascal computer code, to do the same job...)
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Forgive me for asking a daft question regarding the miming 'issue' discussed above. I had always assumed that ToTP was pre-recorded - was it, in fact, live? If it wasn't live, then why didn't they just do another take when there was the cock-up with the audio being heard in the studio?