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Of course there's usually a lot more on the master tapes than would have been originally broadcast (though you're right that Ciani seems to run the credits quite soon into the playout compared to under Hurll), how much BBC4 show seems to vary though. Sometimes they run the playout video for as far as it is on the master tape (which sometimes is to the end of the video, sometimes isn't, as can be seen on the BBC Archive copies of the Mike Smith episodes that have been floating around), sometimes (as they did last night) they fade it out before the credits have even gone off screen, and all sorts in between. Some episodes have run for over 32 minutes on BBC4, some don't run much past 28.
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For anyone wishing to see the last edition of TOTP that the self exiled Mike Smith ever hosted on 31st March 1988, well it has been made available to download here for the next few days;


If I'd had to make a choice of a presenter to have been airbrushed out of the show over the past handful of years then I think I'd have chosen Smith to be the one. Out of all the TOTP presenters in the show's first 25 years he's close to the bottom of the pile for me.

It will be 5 years next week since his passing.
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And i think we can say good riddance to the skips for the time being (unless they decide that Gary Glittler is uneditable from the Christmas Day edition i.e when he performs with the Timelords and appears in the last link)-One that will get skipped is the 25th Annivasary eidtion on New Years Eve as it's yewtreed!
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I remember a while back, someone tweeted Simon Bates about episode blocking. Simon replied that he couldn't do this, even if he'd wanted to (which he didn't). So in theory, even if any more presenters did try blocking their respective editions, the BBC could over-ride this anyway.

When Smitty blocked his years ago, the rules were different at the time. And since he passed away 5 years ago, the decision "stood" and the BBC chose to respect his wishes.

I understand Noel Edmonds blocked HIS episodes when UK Gold were re-running 1970s editions. But BBC Four were still able to repeat them from 2011 onwards. Of course, Noel may well have changed his mind by then.
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As long as no other presenters throw a sulk, grow an ego and think they were bigger than the show and decree we aren't allowed to see their episodes

As opposed to those sulky entitled obsessives with massive egos who demand that they must be able to collect every single episode.

This has been discussed many times before. It's perfectly understandable that he didn't want to be associated with the programme in his position.

If his contract or dealings with the BBC meant that he could veto appearances then so be it. His right to do so are far more important than ensuring a few anoraks complete their collection
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