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So you admit that Clarkson's sacking was his own fault.

As I said, whatever this Cohen chap did about the programme is a different matter, and it obviously didn't make any difference as here it is being promoted to BBC1
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UTV Newsline
Are people still banging on about the Clarkson thing after all these years? He punched someone and got sacked for it, that should have been the end of the discussion there and then.

Actually Jeremy was never sacked. His contract was not renewed. It was allowed to run out in the spring of 2015, with the BBC not offering a new one. He was never sacked.
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Briefing against Clarkson comparing him to Saville, briefing against the DG & the programme in the Mail is no way to conduct yourself in a position of power. That was the whole problem, the corporation has a duty of care to all concerned and the producer suffered more than most. I've always thought Clarkson could look after himself, it was the rest of the people who suffered which was always the bigger picture.
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